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The mission of the ART BOX portal is to support the perspectives of the Other and the Different, to counter stereotypes and discrimination, and to promote activism, education, and innovation among women, youth, marginalized groups, and other citizens through the promotion of contemporary art, culture, and the culture of living. It also aims to promote culture through school subjects.

How to Understand New Art Practice discussion organized by Art Box, Bulevar Books, Novi Sad © Art Box portal

The founder of the ART BOX portal, the Creative-Educational Center Art Box, has been involved in promoting culture and art since 2013. They organize artist residency programs, panel discussions, exhibitions, creative workshops, and lectures, publish brochures, catalogs, and books in the field of art, manage an online portal, and more. This association of citizens, artists, and educators was established with the aim of empowering cultural participation and consumption in accordance with the European discourse. Its goal is to raise the level of competence in the field of culture and promote culture as a means of social integration for artists, cultural professionals, citizens, women, youth, marginalized social groups, as well as all citizens with the intention of stimulating development and positive changes in society.

„How to Understand New Art Practice“ published by Art Box thanks to Novi Sad ECoC 2022 © Art Box portal

The goals of the ART BOX portal are as follows:

1. To promote contemporary art and culture through informal, lifelong learning.
2. To culturally, educationally, and socially empower citizens in line with democratic values by increasing accessibility to information about contemporary art and the culture of living.
3. To support women’s creativity and feminist activism.
4. To encourage activism and innovation, particularly among young people, and raise awareness about socially vulnerable groups, responsible environmental practices, and mental and physical health.
5. To oppose militarism, nationalism, racism, misogyny, and ageism.
6. To network artists and citizens in the region and beyond.

Editor-in-chief of art box portal at EU Japan Fest Committee in Tokyo © Art Box portal

Editorial Concept and Credo:

The credo of the Art Box portal, founded by long-term professionals in the field of culture and education, is the promotion of culture through school subjects.

The editorial policy entails encouraging critical discourse and lifelong learning through contemporary art and the culture of living. The mission of the portal is to provide informal, lifelong extended education for citizens, counter discrimination based on national, racial, or religious affiliation, language, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and age; improve the visibility of women’s creativity, alternative and research projects, and promote anti-militarism, diversity, the Other and the Different.

Croatian artist Kata Mijatović during Art Box AiR in Novi Sad © Art Box portal
Japanese writer during Art Box AiR in Novi Sad/ workshop with students © Art Box portal


Language and Literature, Visual Culture, Music, Drama & Theatre & Design Sections


Knowledge of Nature and Society, Civic Education, Home and Economics

*The section names correspond to the names of school subjects. Some of them still exist today, while others are part of the past of the former Yugoslavia, alluding to its cultural context in terms of multiculturalism, multi-ethnicity, women’s emancipation, and accessibility to culture and education.

The content of the subjects/sections is tailored to the nature and goals of the web portal.

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