Moco Museum presents Robbie Williams: Dialogue about mental health through art 

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The Moco Museum in Amsterdam presents a unique Pride and Self-Prejudice exhibition (Mar 08, 2024 — Jul 08, 2024) dedicated to one of our most iconic and multifaceted artists — Robbie Williams. This exhibition delves into Williams’ personal experiences with mental illness. The exhibition also highlights Robbie Williams’ struggle and encourages dialogue about mental health through art. 

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Moco Museum Amsterdam is proud to debut the art of Robbie Williams in his first solo exhibition, featuring standout pieces such as “I Deserve Every Drop of Love” and “Your Mental Illness”.

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This exhibition offers fans and art lovers a rare opportunity to get a deeper look into the creative universe of this famous musician and entertainer.

Robbie Williams is the celebrated singer-songwriter, one of the UK’s most enduring and versatile pop icons and former member of the iconic English pop group Take That.

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Robbie Williams, known for constantly reinventing himself, has suffered from depression, anxiety, and addiction since the 1990s.

The artist produces artwork every day to manage the stress of living in the public spotlight.

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„This exhibition is a tribute to the incredible talent and versatility of Robbie Williams,“ said museum director Kim Logchies. „We are excited to allow visitors to take a journey through the rich and varied career of this exceptional artist.“

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Robbie Williams will exhibit 17 of his artworks at the Moco Museum in Barcelona.

The exhibition titled ‘Confessions Of A Crowded Mind’ will open on June 20th.

The museum has announced that these works, which are related to mental health, “aim to inspire viewers to collectively embrace every part of themselves”.


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