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Way Out West proudly presents film premieres and exclusive screenings as an integral part of the festival.

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Among this year’s highlights are the world premieres of four of the hottest upcoming TV series: Taelgia (SVT), directed by Jens Östberg (SVT), Tore (Netflix), directed by Erika Calmeyer, written and created by William Spetz, Ondskan (TV4), directed by Erik Leijonborg and Daniel Di Grado based on Jan Guillou’s iconic novel, featuring Gustav Skarsgård, and Threesome season 2 (Viaplay), directed by Lisa Linnertorp.

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Way Out West is also screening documentaries by many of Sweden’s internationally acclaimed directors, such as After Work by Erik Gandini, about our relationship with work, Breaking Social by Fredrik Gertten, looking at global patterns of kleptocracy and extractivism, exploring the possibilities of overcoming injustices and corruption, And the King Said, What a Fantastic Machine by Axel Danielson and Maximilien Van Aertryck, about how our obsession with documenting our surroundings has changed our behavior, and The Society of the Spectacle, by Roxy Farhat and Göran Hugo Olsson, looking at Guy Debord’s Marxist-surrealist manifesto.

We’re also showing documentaries about legendary artists – such as Little Richard – I am everything by Lisa Cortés and Let The Canary Sing by Alison Ellwood about Cyndi Lauper – and Punk Rock Vegan Movie by Moby, which is screened free for the public.

„Punk rock vegan movie is a feature-length documentary written and directed (and shot and scored) by Moby. It looks at the surprising history of punk rock and animal rights activism, features interviews with dozens of punk rock legends, and also cameos from Bagel the Dog, the Devil, and a Boardroom of Demons. It’s the filmmaker and producers’ hope that no one ever pays to see this movie, as it’s a labor of love and activism.“ (https://moby.com/news/punk-rock-vegan-movie/)

Visit https://www.wayoutwest.se/film-2023 for additional info and screening times.

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