Written by Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić //

Recently, documentary films have been sparking my intellectual curiosity far more than fictional counterparts. Thus, the Way Out West film festival 2023, held during the Way Out West music festival in Gothenburg, served as an exceptional occasion for me to delve into various issues we confront on both individual and global planes. As I immersed myself in the film „Breaking Social,“ thoughts about Serbia continually occupied my mind. The resonances between the mechanisms of corruption and nepotism portrayed and our own context were striking, highlighting the recurring employment of similar methods and strategies.

Hagabion Gothengurg 2023 Way Out West Film Festival© Art Box portal

„Breaking Social“ stands as a 2023 Swedish documentary crafted by the accomplished Fredrik Gertten. It navigates the global patterns of kleptocracy and extractivism, interweaving connections among worldwide uprisings, shared discontent, and resolute actions.

„We reside within an inverted economic structure. Those who contribute the most receive the least, while those who amass the most offer nothing in return.“


„All societies are built upon the foundation of a social contract. We are assured that by working diligently, treating others with respect, and adhering to regulations, we shall reap rewards. Yet, there emerge the rule violators – individuals who exploit tax havens, reaping profits devoid of societal restitution.“

„Breaking Social“ ventures into the realm of confronting injustice and corruption.

Ultimately, the pivotal query lingers: can remarkable analytical films such as this aid us in dismantling global-scale corruption, or does this notion remain a utopian endeavor pursued by introspective thinkers?


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